Evanston, WY


Service Above Self

Member Responsibilities


By attending weekly club meetings member enjoy fellowship, enrich their professional and personal knowledge, and meet other business leaders in their community. Attendence make up is either 14 days prior or 14 days after a meeting.



Help our club reach a goal of 100% attendance by:

attend a meeting of any other Rotary club in the world,  attend their own club's board meeting or go online to



By participating in local and international service projects, club members can volunteer their time and talents where they're most needed.


Finding New Members

A shared responsibility of every Rotarian to find and bring new people into Rotary. Ever member can bring guests to club meetings or invite them to participate in a service project.


Sustaining a Strong Club

Fostering engaging fellowship and encoraging active participation in service projects are two of the best ways to sustain a person's membership.



Club members are required to pay annual does to their clubs, districts and Rotary International, as well as the subscription fee to Rotary Magazine.

Current Members

Mike Adams

Andy Bailey

Pete Bass

Joy Bell

Tim Beppler

Linda Biffert

Toni Bradford

Kalene Collard

Dawn Darby

Jeremy Davis

Karen Fry

Amy Grenfell

Brent Hatch

Kiley Ingersoll

Maggie Jones

Daniel Knox

Gary Larsen

Jayne Leland

Sandra Lowe

Tim Lynch

Bret McCoy

Larry Meyer

Steve Moscinski

Julia Murray

Jay Dee Nielsen

Tib Ottley

Ryan Pantle

Dick Perotti

Mike Pexton

Deborah Reno

Tim Sehorn

Holly Slade

Larissa Sneider

Gary Spencer

Debbie Terech

Ryan Thomas

Shawn Ungerman

Paul Van Dreew

Monica Vozakis

Betsy Wagner

Cathleen Wiggins

Jim Wise

Rotary Monthly Themes

January - Vocational Service

February - Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution

March - Water & Sanitation

April - Maternal & Child Health

May - Youth Service

June - Rotary Fellowships

July - Start of New Officers

August - Membership & New Club Development

September - Basic Education & Literacy

October - Economic & Community Development

November - Rotary Foundation

December - Disease Prevention & Treatment

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