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Service Above Self


The Rotary Foundation was created in 1917 by Rotary International's sixth president, Arch C. Klumph, as an endowment fund for Rotary "to do good in the world." The Foundation supports Rotary International in its efforts to achieve world understanding and peace through local, national and international humanitarian, educational and cultural programs. Contributions to the Rotary Foundation enable Rotarians to carry out humanitarian and educational projects.


In 2003, the Foundation received contributions totaling $133 million and spent more than $94 million in support of humanitarian and educational programs educational programs implemented by clubs and districts.


Following the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War WWII, The Rotary Foundation established the Paul Harris Memorial Fund in memory of The Rotary Founder, Paul Harris, who died in 1947. A Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) is an individual member who contributes a total sum of $1,000 or in whose name that amount is contributed.


Evanston's Most Recent

Our club has had the great fortune of witnessing the recognition of eight Paul Harris Fellows at our annual Year End Party, June 29, 2010 out at the Diamond X Ranch. Our Club's Foundation chair, Tim Beppler presented Fellow awards to members and their spouses, noting as of today, 95% of the club members support the Paul Harris Foundation.


Sustaining Rotary Foundation  Members contributed an Evanston  club record of over $6,000 in 2010.


Todd Hoover 05/1998

James Morse 10/1998

Tom Wagner Benefactor, Multiple PHF & Sustaining RF Member 10/1998

Tim Beppler Benefactor, Multiple PHF & Sustaining RF Member 12/1998

Albert E. Bradury 12/1998



Michael D. Adams Multiple PHF & Sustaining RF Member 01/2000



Paul Daniels Sustaining RF Member 07/2002



Connie Steininger 06/2003



Sam Dalton Multiple PHF & Sustaining RF Member 04/2004

Melvin R. Baldwin 05/2004

George Winn Sustaining RF Member 07/2004



Diane Datteri Multiple PHF & Sustaining RF Member 05/2005

Stephen G. Moscinski Benefactor, Multiple PHF & Sustaining RF Member 05/2005

Bonnie Wise (deceased) Multiple PHF 06/2005



Betsy K. Wagner 02/2006

Mike Pexton Sustaining RF Member 05/2006

Julie A. Abbott Sustaing RF Member 06/2006

Lawrence O. Meyer Benefactor, Multiple PHF & Sustaining Member 06/2006

Richard O. Meyer (deceased) 06/2006

Julia Murray Sustaining RF Member 06/2006



Van Johnson Sustaining RF Member 04/2007

Janyne D. Leland Sustaining RF Member 05/2007

Andy Bailey Sustaining RF Member 11/2007

Howard W. Smith Benefactor & Sustaining RF Member 12/2007



Katie Beppler 05/2008

Julie Beppler 12/2008

Maggie Beppler Wilson 12/2008

Shelly Hoopes (deceased) Benefactor & Sustaining RF Member 12/2008



Dick Perotti Sustaining RF Member 01/2009

Robert E. Sachs Sustaining RF Member 02/2009

Jim Wise Sustaining RF Member 03/2009

Teeta Jaimez Sustaining RF Member 03/2009

Sandra Lowe Sustaining RF Member 03/2009



Gary Larsen Sustaining RF Member 01/2010

Toni Bradford Sustaing RF Member 06/2010

Steve Gross (deceased) 06/2010

Pam Handly Sustaining RF Member 06/2010

Kathy Knox (deceased) 06/2010

Millie Larsen (deceased) 06/2010



Cindy Adams 04/2011

Mike Jensen Sustaing RF Member 04/2011

Melanie A. Moscinski 04/2011

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